prAm 2017

Prom 2017 was definitely one for the books. From getting my nails to the IHOP run after prom concluded, it was fantastic! It’s easy to say that it was one of the best nights EVER.

Not thinking I’d have any chance, I signed up to run for prom Queen. On the Thursday a week before prom, the juniors and seniors voted for King and Queen. By the end of school that day, they had posted the list of the top 10 boys and girls, AND I was on the list! I was super excited. The next day there was a mandatory meeting for all the people in the list during school. We went through the rules of being on the list, found out who we would be walking out with at prom, and we filled out a questionnaire that would be read about us when we walked out. img_8729

The next week was stressful and full of AP exams, and went by really slow. On the Thursday before prom, me and my friend Akira got our nails done at a High Tec salon after school. It was my first time getting acrylics, and I decided to bring my own nail color Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ by OPI. Both mine and Akira’s turned out great!

The next was was senior awards at school, and me and Akira sang the National Anthem for the school. We were nervous, but we had sang at the underclass awards our sophomore year so we kinda sorta knew what to expect.

Saturday img_1439morning I was SO excited. I got my hair done by my old tennis doubles buddy Carlee, who graduated a couple of years prior and now works at a local hair salon. It look absolutely fantastic! The year before I had her do my hair down, so to change it up I had her do a loose up-do. I loved the way it looked and it stayed up all night long! (I couldn’t believe how many bobby pins were in my hair when I took it out after prom!) With my hair done did, I finished all my makeup, put on my dress, and headed out with my dad and step mom to White Hall State Historic House to meet Sean and some of his family to take pictures. It was a long hour, but it was well worth it (at least to me). We took pictures all along the house, as well as the adjacent park.

This is by far my favorite picture we took. Honestly, I think it’s absolutely perfect. It reminded me of the dancing figures you see when you open a music or jewelry box.


Some more pictures

we took at Whitehall

State Historic Site.

img_8895After leaving the Site, we stopped my Sean’s’ grandparents house before driving to Lexington to meet up with our prom group (me, Sean, Kate, Zach, Rebecca, Sammy, & Josh) to eat at the Cheesecake Factory at the mall. When we called about two weeks before to make reservation, they told us they did not img_8848-1make reservations, BUT that we could do call ahead seating the day of prom. So, that’s exactly what we did. Although when we called the Cheesecake Factory said they were unable to do call ahead seating and that we would have to come there, and we were about an hour away. When all the prom group got to the mall, me and Sean explained what happened, and that’d if we chose to eat there we’d have to wait an hour and forty-five minutes. After discussing it with the group, we decided to wait and hang out in the mall in the meantime. In the end, everything that happened while we waited was much more enjoyable than it would have been if we had got a table as soon as we arrived at the Cheesecake Factory! I ordered the best thing on the menu, Loaded Potato Soup and Chocolate cheesecake!

Me, Sean, Sammy, Rebecca

After leaving the mall and the Cheesecake Factory, we headed bacimg_9136k to visit Sean’s dad before arriving at prom. As soon as we got to prom at Churchill Weavers, we noticed a whole bunch of people in a huge cluster standing outside the entrance. We weren’t sure what they were waiting on, but we walked up to the door to get in line. Later we found out that the huge cluster of people standing outside were actually waiting in the line to get in, but there wasn’t any actual line forming so we didn’t know we cut half the people in linimg_9374e! Then when we first got inside, I went to check in with my teacher to let her know I had arrived for prom court reasons. The theme was around the world; there were little hot air balloons hanging from the ceiling, cute little passport sticker books, decks of cards for prom souvenirs, and a CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN (and this year I didn’t get any of the chocolate on my dress). The prom venue was much nicer than last year as it had a dance room and dining room. It was all really pretty and it was so much more fun than last years prom. Just before midnight, myself and the rest of the prom group lined up in preparation to walk out. Me and Caleb were the first to walk out and be announced. We walked to the other side of the dance floor and waited as the rest of the court was announced. I received a beautiful rose, and a great memory.

Me and Caleb walking across the floor as we were being called for prom court.



After prom king and queen were announced and I took a few last minute pictures with people in the photo booth (it was awesome, and free!), me, Sean, Kate, and Zach all went to eat at IHOP. I was still full, so all I got was some bacon and eggs, but the others all got a full meal!

Once we all finished eating,  we parted ways. Sean took me to my grandparents, I took out my hair, took off my makeup (I almost couldn’t get out of my dress!), and went right to sleep for a looong time. It was a great night; I’m lucky to have such great friends, and an even better date!

A bunch of photos I got from the photo booth at prom!




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