NARSissist Loaded Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches 


​I’ve been wanting this palette since I first saw it on the Sephora app about two monimg_9500ths ago. I’ve finally got it, and its been no disappointment. The packaging is gorgeous, and very well made. The front outside of the palette is an entire mirror. Personally, I hate when mirrors get dirty and smudged, so it may be a little extra work compared to other eveyshadow packaging to keep it clean. The interior of the palette is also outfitted with a full-size mirror, making it an ideal travel item. Additionally, included with the palette is a how-to guide to help you create some eye looks with the eyeshadow.


The NARSissist Loaded Palette is a limited edition, warm toned eyeshadow palette by NARS. This new summer 2017 palette contains twelve highly pigmented, buttery neutral shades that would look great on any skin tone. Though the set contains a majority of warm tones, you can easily create cool toned looks using the black (Reale), silvery shimmer (Splendor), and matte taupe (Dover). After wearing the palette a couple of times (and with, like, no fallout), I have used all the shades except Splendor and Dover. Splendor is my favorite shade, but I’ve found it difficult to incorporate it into the looks I’ve created so far. On my oily eyelids, every shade is long wearing, and actually it was kinda hard to take it off with makeup remover wipes that night (and this was without any primer).


From left to right: Newbury Street, Foix, Splendor, Windsor, Castille, Versailles, Privilege, Alnwick, Montaillou, Dover, Beaumaris, Reale

The NARSissist Loaded Eyeshadow Palette is a total must have addition to any makeup collection and is definitely worth its hefty $59 price tag. Every shade in this palette is vivid, unique, and unlike many colors in most palettes, allowing for a variety of looks to be created. Although, if your preferences don’t lie within warm toned neutrals, this palette is not for you. These bronzey and metallicy shades are perfect for summer and fall, or anytime you have the desire to make sunset, natural, or dark looks!


What are your thoughts on the NARSissist Loaded Eyeshadow Palette? Leave your reply along with any questions in the comments below!


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