HS Graduation 2017

05-31-17 78805-31-17 793



Me, and my best friend Zach, in our last class, AP Physics C, on our last ever day of high school, forever.




05-31-17 843
Noah, Zach, Mrs. Cress, Me, & Colby
05-31-17 937
Daniel, Sammy, Tucker, Hayden, Jacob, Me, & Miguel


05-31-17 837
Taylor & Me

05-31-17 859
Rob & Me

05-31-17 865
Me & Wesley

05-31-17 866
Me, & my doubles buddy, Carlee

05-31-17 878
Christian & Me

05-31-17 936
Me & Zach

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 Graduation was a month ago tomorrow, and sometimes its still weird to think I’m a high school grad. I am so lucky to have finished high school with the greatest people ever. I’m going to miss it all so much, and I know everyone is going to do great, GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 2017!

05-31-17 942



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