Destin, Florida: Day .5 & 1

You may be wondering why I said day .5, but that is because our technical first day was yesterday, but the day we got here we arrived earlier than we thought so we were able to go explore some in the Harborwalk Village which is right beside our resort, the Emerald Grande. 

After my vacation is over, you can expect to see a couple of post; a cumulative post of everything we did on each day, a hauls post, and reviews on a couple of specific places we went! But for now, enjoy these pictures!

Day .5: 

I absolutely love the moon in this photo
The day we arrived in Destin was my birthday, so here’s me going into adulthood like a Sea Blaster

Day 1: 

The water was so clear and beautiful, when we swam you could see straight to the bottom
A picture of our resort and the Harborwalk Village
If you look very closely, there’s a huge bird standing up in the back of this boat
A view of the docks from our resorts’ pool area


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