About the Author


My name is Nicole, and I’m just your average everyday teenager. I love chocolate, makeup, books, Jesus, Disney movies, singing, gymnastics, and my boyfriend (Sean). I was raised in a very small, artsy town in Eastern Kentucky, but I hope to someday live in a big city while pursuing my dream of getting payed to study the night sky.

I spend most of my time at Georgetown College, taking courses to complete my double major in Religion and Physics. When I’m not in class, Choral or A&T practice, I’m likly either at my church or with Sean, probably upside down and singing. I’m also highly fond of persuading friends to do handstands and cartwheels, as well as reading fictional books, watching the History Channel, and trying make my 5’1 self appear as tall as can be.

I aspire to post DIYs, my adventures, reviews of different sorts, my goals, rants, and more. I hope you enjoy joining me on this crazy journey called life!